(Section 8) Housing Choice Voucher Program
Homelessness is a major social issue for low income families in the country since they cannot afford to pay the rent. Hence, to reduce homelessness the federal government has introduced a section 8 program or housing voucher choice which provides housing assistance to those who have a low income, are disabled or elderly. In this program the Housing... Read More >

Managing Your Mortgage Problems
Whether you are experienced in mortgaging or not, you might probably encounter mortgage problems at some point. Some times are very good, but when times go bad, your home may be repossessed. The rapid change in your ability to sustain repayments is the beginning of mortgage problems. So, what can you do to avoid such a problem? Read More >

Meaningful Things You Can Do to Help a Homelessness Person
It's the little things that do it. Everyone will agree with that, right? Perhaps you often make enough people from your nearby area happy with something small and simple. But people who can benefit from this all the more are people who have no roof over their heads, maybe by providing them housing assistance and many more. Read More >

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