Some Companies that are willing to send Coupons to try out their Products

By: Linda G., Published: May 6, 2020 | Related: Coupons and Exciting Discounts

Who has hundreds of extra dollars to waste at the supermarket when they don't have to? Not the vast majority of us. We all like to save money whenever and wherever we can. The grocery store is one of those places where it is easy to save money if you are willing to be resourceful. In the following piece, we take a look at some of the companies willing to send you coupons to try out their products at the store. Use those coupons, and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars.


Enjoy Some Cheap Cereal, Yogurt, And More On Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is a household name that makes food products that range from corn bread to yams. Almost anything you can think of that arrives in the store as a packaged food is something that Betty Crocker does or has done in the past. This is why it is nice to know that you can receive $250 worth of coupons from them if you just provide them with your e-mail address.

The coupons range in terms of what products they can be used on. Some of them provide you with very deep discounts on the items, while others make the item entirely free for you to pick up today. That is right, for the cost of providing your e-mail you could literally have free food!

In addition to the coupons, Betty Crocker will send to your e-mail thousands of recipes that you can try using their foods. If you just picked up their free coupons in your e-mail, why not also enjoy some recipes for using those food items?

Pillsbury Will Do The Same

Hey, we are not playing favorites here. Pillsbury has a very similar offer as Betty Crocker. They too will provide you with $250 worth of food coupons when you provide them with your e-mail address.


These coupons are so valuable that there is a limit of one coupon per person. If you want to have extras, you will need to get another member of your household to sign up for the coupons as well. That is the only way to double up on the savings that you can get from Pillsbury through these coupons. That should tell you something about the value of what you get when you get this particular set of coupons though. They are truly amazing.

Tablespoon Free Coupons

Tablespoon may be the easiest one of all when it comes to getting your free coupons. They only require that you fill out a quick and easy form that takes about ten seconds. If you do this, they will send you the free coupons and recipes from them that you have been desiring. They seek to always make it as easy as possible to check out the new things that are going on with them.

Just like the other two mentioned on this list already, Tablespoon provides $250 worth of coupons for your efforts. If you just do these three offers, you will already have $750 worth of savings, but we have one more worth mentioning before you rush over to sign up for all of your coupons.


The maker of your favorite breakfast cereals (and so much more) is also prepared to offer you some free coupons. In their case the amount is for $150, but that is still an impressive amount of savings for just having to give them your e-mail address.

If you have children, you probably already understand the value of these coupons. Kellogg's makes kid favorites such as Pop-Tarts. Your kids probably ask for some of the classic Kellogg's products anytime you go to the grocery store. While you may have had to tell them no in the past due to the price, you can now say yes. Kellogg's would like you to try out some of their products at a reduced price.

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These are all a few great ways to save some money quickly and easily. You do not have to be a mathematician to see how quickly your savings can add up when you just take the time to get your free coupons from various stores. You will love how much you can be rewarded for simply being a good customer of theirs.




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