Several ways to get Government Aid and Grants

By: Linda G., Published: Feb 25, 2020 | Related: Family Assistance

When you are dealing with a financial crisis, turning to government aid can be very helpful. For many, government assistance is absolutely necessary to survive. Some people turn to government aid to deal with high medical costs, school loans, household repairs, and more. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that they are entitled to government assistance simply for being alive. This isn’t true. Government facilities will take the time and effort to make sure that the recipient does, in fact, deserve the aid. No one gets assistance just because they feel entitled to it.


Financial Hardships and Government Aid

There are many programs available from the government that are specifically designed for individuals and families who need help. This money is not just “free money”; in fact, most programs don’t ever hand out cash. They provide assistance by taking care of bills or needs at the source. There are a wide variety of programs offered by the government, such as assistance for food needs, child care, health care, job training and more. The aid is funded by the government and it goes directly to the need the program covers. That way, the government isn’t fielding general requests from the public for financial help. In order to receive aid, applicants must file the application for the specific program that they wish to receive help from. They will also need to meet the sometimes very strict eligibility guidelines first. is a useful tool that will provide you with direct links to the government aid you are looking for. While you cannot file for the aid right from the website, you can get there from the page you are on and then file. These programs are often vital to one’s ability to get by financially. With so many bills to pay, as well as rising food and utility costs, these programs often help families make ends meet and can provide nourishing meals. Click one of the two following tabs when you use Benefits Finder or Browse Benefits.


Benefits Finder

If you are not absolutely positive what programs you may be eligible for, you will want to start with the Benefits Finder tab at You’ll bring up a questionnaire that will help match you with the benefits you may be entitled to according to your current financial situation. This questionnaire will sift through the programs that are available in your area, making it easier for you to find the ones that can help.

Browse Benefits

The Browse Benefits tab is great for when you already know a program that you are eligible for and would like to find it. This tool allows you to browse through the available government programs by category. You can also arrange your list by the state or Federal agency you are looking for to find the right option for you.

Am I Eligible for Government Grants?

You cannot receive help with attaining government grants from Many grants are given to those who have been the victim of a natural disaster; for example, those who have been displaced by a hurricane or had their home destroyed by a tornado. However, if you believe you do qualify for a government grant instead of government aid, click here to look through all of the available grants. You can also directly apply for them from there.

How Does the Website Know What I Am Eligible For? is equipped with a comprehensive software program that allows your answers to be cross-referenced with a lengthy list of available government programs. The website will scroll through more than 1,000 programs to see if you match up with them. Remember to answer as many questions as possible on the questionnaire, as the more you answer, the more programs you may be matched with.

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What Is My Next Step?

After you fill out the questionnaire on, the survey might say that you “may” be eligible for one or more of the programs. This simply means that you will need to go to that webpage and fill out the application yourself. You are never guaranteed aid until the government-sponsored program approves you directly. Remember, being eligible is also a constantly-changing situation. Issues such as medical procedures, job changes, a family death or a family birth may all change your current eligibility.




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