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By: Patricia K., Published: May 22, 2020 | Related: Foreclosed Homes

America has always been a country of homeowners. Although going by the 2018 census homeownership statistics, over a hundred million now live in rented houses. This is still just a modest 36.6% of the entire population. Majority of those that make up the statistics of home rentals in the US are low or average income Americans living in urban centers. Some are dependants in their 20s while others are people with disabilities.

The US government in its effort to facilitate homeownership and community development in 1965 came up with an agency known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). At the core of the mandate of HUD is to ensure a drastic reduction in homelessness, help vulnerable populations, make homeownership available by creating opportunities, increase in affordable and safe rental options, and fight against housing discrimination.

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HUD has remained true to these sets of mandates by offering rental and housing assistance to millions of Americans who are yet to be homeowners. American home rentals understandably do have some questions with regard to getting housing and rental assistance. We have compiled and answered a few of those questions here.

Where to Get Rental Help?

Should you be in need of rental assistance at any time, you can walk into any of the housing counselor's office approved by HUD around you. Alternative, you can place a call through to 1-800-569-4287 from where you will be directed to the nearest office of an approved agency for house counseling very close by.

How to Get Into HUD Housing?

HUD has no rental property of its own. It only gives financial assistance to building owners and states, who oversee how these monies are used to provide housing opportunities for those in need.

That said, HUD supports 3 types of rental housing plans from which seekers of housing assistance can benefit from. These are subsidized privately-owned houses, public housing, and housing through the voucher 8 programs.

In the first category, HUD gives money to some landlords to subsidize their rents so that low-income citizens can afford it. You can search for such houses here. Public housing is targeted at families with low income as well as the aged and vulnerable.

With the third option, you are provided with a voucher based on your family size and gross income which you can use to settle your house rent whether partially or in full.


How to Apply for Section 8 Voucher

The section 8 voucher is the same as the third housing option explained above. To apply for this program, simply follow these steps

1. Visit the Public Housing Agency (PHA) in your area.
2. Confirm that you are eligible to apply for Voucher 8 from the PHA. Usually, they check your family size and gross income per year. Of course, you have to be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
3. Obtain, fill, and submit an application form. This is absolutely free regardless of where you choose to obtain it. However, you should make sure that you supply all the needed information in the form before submitting it.
4. You are going to be placed on a waiting list which can last up to two years. Ensure you keep an eye on the list from time to time.
5. If you get shortlisted, you will receive a mail confirming your success.
6. As soon as you receive the voucher, you can begin to scout for a house that meets the eligibility requirements of the PHA/HUD.

Where to Find Voucher 8 Eligible Housing

Typically, most PHAs have the list of voucher 8 eligible landlords. They are the best place to turn to when looking for housing unit after securing your voucher.

That said, you can also browse online for affordable housing. Ensure to watch out for community listings that carry the HCV logo or tag. Find out more about how to contact them and use your voucher to secure housing with them.

HUD Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities

HUD caters for the housing needs of disabled people through the public housing system. To benefit from this, individuals in this category only have to visit the Public Housing Authority in their locality to indicate their interest.


On a Final Note

HUD is working tirelessly in renting housing assistance to teeming Americans who are vulnerable or with low income. You can take advantage of its many options to get the right rental assistance you need.




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