Meaningful Things You Can Do to Help a Homelessness Person

By: Elizabeth L., Published: Jun 1, 2020 | Related: Rent to Own House

It's the little things that do it. Everyone will agree with that, right? Perhaps you often make enough people from your nearby area happy with something small and simple. But people who can benefit from this all the more are people who have no roof over their heads, maybe by providing them housing assistance and many more.

These are simple but meaningful things you can do to help a homelessness person get through the winter. And whether that is entirely from yourself, or with the help of a certain body, that does not matter.

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1. Give your warm hat or scarf to a homeless person

When I myself walked around for Froot in the middle of the winter in Chicago, 'the windiest city', I noticed that there were many homeless people on the street. Just like in any other big city actually. I planned to give my remaining dollars to one of them that day until I saw with my own eyes that you can help homeless people in another simple but meaningful way. I saw a woman take off her knitted scarf and hat and give it to a numb woman sitting on the floor. A wonderful way to give someone a helping hand.

2. Give the lampposts a jacket

Huh ?! Give the lampposts a jacket ?! Well, let's explain: Of course this is not to prevent the lamppost from getting cold, but so that someone who thinks they need an extra warm coat can grab it themselves. A super simple gesture that can make a huge difference. After all, everyone has an old (but warm) coat that he or she no longer wears, right ?!

3. Homelessness assistance through Street Messenger

We have already mentioned many ways to mean something for a homeless person. But did you know that there is now also a wonderful, national initiative that gives homeless people a helping hand? And all via an SMS and Whatsapp service: Vodafone Street Messenger.


Via Street Messenger, homeless people receive an SMS or Whatsapp message twice a day, which supports them both mentally and in practical terms. In particular, the 'new homeless' are introduced to their new world and receive messages via text message or Whatsapp. This can really be anything. From a simple motivational message and the latest weather forecasts to an invitation to a delicious meal. But their worn feet are also considered.

New homeless people

No matter how hard it is to imagine, the number of homeless people is still increasing. Since years ago, the number of homeless people has risen by 74% and has added 13,000 homeless people. In Amsterdam alone, 5 new homeless people report every day. And it is precisely for the 'new homeless' that street life is often extra tough because they are not yet streetwise. They simply have no idea how to survive on the street. Extra support (to hopefully get them off the street soon) is, therefore, more than welcome.

4. Bring a cup of coffee or tea

Even if it's just a free cup of coffee from the vending machine in the supermarket, or just a freshly brewed
coffee from your own kitchen: it doesn't matter. It means so much to a homeless person that someone thinks about him and her and wants to heat him in this way. Again a small gesture of great significance.

5. Donate food to the food bank

Take a look in your pantry. There must be a lot of products in it that you no longer eat. Food that was once in your Christmas package, or food that you actually no longer like. Before it goes out of date and you finally throw it away you can donate things like this much better to the food bank.

Don't you have this? That's okay, especially around the holidays there are often people from the food bank in different supermarkets who offer you the opportunity to do some extra shopping and donate this to them.

6. Purchase the homeless newspaper

Even though it may not be your favorite reading, you still help a lot of people by buying the street news or the homeless newspaper.


7. Give a sandwich or piece of fruit

Do you have a piece of fruit, a tasty cake or a sandwich in your bag that you didn't intend to eat? Then you can just as well give it to someone who benefits. Do you have nothing with you, but do you want to be able to feed something? A simple sandwich from the nearest supermarket can also do wonders.

8. Donate your Christmas gift

Chances are that you will receive a Christmas gift from your boss again this year. Incredibly thoughtful, but it could just be that there are things in it that you actually won't use at all. Another fleece dress (of which you already love it so much) or cookies that you do not like at all ... How nice would it be if you could give your Christmas gift to someone who would be much happier and would like it much more? Whole!

Different food banks in the US, therefore, offer you the opportunity to donate your entire Christmas package.



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