Managing Your Mortgage Problems

By: Jennifer P., Published: Jun 8, 2020 | Related: Mortgage Help from Government

Whether you are experienced in mortgaging or not, you might probably encounter mortgage problems at some point. Some times are very good, but when times go bad, your home may be repossessed. The rapid change in your ability to sustain repayments is the beginning of mortgage problems. So, what can you do to avoid such a problem? How can you manage your mortgage? What can you do to sort mortgage problems when they arise? What could happen if you happen if your lender takes you to court on claims of mortgage debt?

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Managing mortgage

Managing mortgage is not for the financially unstable. You will need to stay in control of your payment even when you have no hardships in making mortgage repayments. First, you will need to plan your budget. Budget planning involves identifying how much income is flowing in and how many expenditures you have. Planning budget may sound easy but there are so many things to factor in when identifying how much you are going out. You’ll need to account for every single coin you spend money on, including costs such as the bill on gasses, groceries, insurance, children toys (if you have kids), insurance, and leisure among others. There several options for budgeting tools available on the internet that can help you with budget planning.

You could have signed in on a mortgage deal that is not obviously the best. Or maybe, it was the best when you signed in but currently not the best. How do you know you are getting the best deal and what do you do in this case? Regularly check if you are getting the best deal. If by chance you were signed on a certain deal for a fixed period, be keen to check on other available deals, months before your deal ends. Consider costs such as low-interest rate and the costs of switching to the other mortgage. Doing so will not only help you in saving money, but also it will help in coping with a drop in your income or an increase in your mortgage payments, or both. Remember to check your budget at regular intervals.


How to sort your mortgage problem

Nobody likes problems; but when they arise, we must devise ways of dealing with them. Problems in a mortgage may grow too rapidly within a very short time. You must take quick action before they get too huge and beyond your control.

One step to sorting your mortgage problem is lowering the mortgage costs. You can cut down costs by switching to a cheaper mortgage or cutting down your total expenditures. You could also cut down on shared ownership properties. Any efforts to cut costs will prevent you from lagging behind in mortgage payments. Alternatively, you can get someone to buy your property and use the money to make payment. You can also choose to deal with your lender and explain your situation. The two of you should agree on how you can change the mortgage payment may be by reducing monthly costs or making bi-monthly payments. Many options are available, but remember to agree to an option you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, it’s not always that your mortgage lender is willing to cooperate. Find out below what happens when he takes you to court.

What next when in court?

If your lender takes you to court, this action is called possession action. There's a big possibility that you may lose your home. The good news is that you can stop this from happening. You can do this by negotiating with the lender. In the negotiation, you must act reasonably and fairly with your lender. Make sure you keep the agreement to pay the arrears because doing so will grant you the right to keep your home.

Preparing for a court hearing

When you receive the notice claiming the possession of the property from the court, the first thing you need to do is find out where the court is located. Allow yourself enough time to get to the court and in case you have any special needs call the court and in advance and let them know how they can help you. Think of the information the court might need from you and the people you can take into the hearing.



Given that you are in arrears and you’ve not been able to clear them, your mortgage lender could take away your home and sell off your property to recover the debt. Since this is a court affair, the judge is the one to decide whether or not your lender should get permission to evict you from your home. The judge’s decision is dependent on whether you are able to get to an agreement with your lender or not. If the court decides to grant the lender approval to get you out from your home, you'll still have another chance of changing the court’s decision by asking the court to give another order to allow you stay in your home. If all does not go well, you will be evicted. You will need to give back the keys to your mortgage lender who will resell your home. However, your responsibility for mortgage payment still remains until the home is sold.

If you plan ahead and put in mind the potential issues detailed above, you will be better placed to fund your mortgage in both good and bad times. You’ll also be able to handle problems when they arise and so you’ll not risk losing your home.



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