Housing Grant Opportunities For Qualified Woman

By: Patricia K., Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Related: USDA Housing

In the past years, it was hard for women to get grants. However, those times are gone now and many women have organized them into groups that are viable to receive grants from the government. In fact, women groups have the highest chance of obtaining grants from the government than any other group in the United States today. This is because the government intends to empower women and give them an opportunity to obtain funds easily like anybody in the society. This is a very commendable move that will bring equality and increase investment opportunities to women.


Although women were not eligible to receive numerous grants in the past, they are partially to blame for this. One of the primary reason for this situation is because women rarely seek grants from the government. It has been noted that only 15% of the entire population of women who apply for grants from the federal government. Most of them think that they are not eligible to get these funds. Others assume that they will be denied the opportunity to access the funds and they therefore don’t apply. However, it is high time that women now endeavor to get these government funds as they are now readily available than ever.

The following are some of the grant opportunities that the government is offering to any woman who meets the minimum requirement.

1. Grants by Office on Violence Against Women

One of the problems that many women experience is difficulties in getting loans such as mortgages. They are therefore unable to participate in development projects such as securing a home. Most people who are encountered by such a problem run to the bank to obtain a loan. However, women who do not qualify for a loan will find themselves at a disadvantaged state. The government intends to help such women to secure homes and enjoy a well up life just like their counterparts who have good jobs. They have introduced a fund called housing grant. This money is intended to be used primarily in building or buying a house.


The good thing about having a housing grant is that one also qualifies for other kinds of grants. This means that you can apply for a housing grant while having a running application of a development grant. What you need to do is adequate research on the most appropriate grant that suits the highest pressing need. This way, you will increase your chances of obtaining the specific grant that ranks highest in the priority list.

The housing grant is mainly given by the Office On Violence Against Women. This body operates under the US Department of Justice. Their aim is to give the domestic violence victims an opportunity to settle and rebuild their lives afresh. The funds can, therefore, be used to fund relocation to another place. Those who are willing to stay at the same place are also allowed to use this grant to secure the home.

2. Grants for Women With Disabilities

Women with any kind of disabilities also qualify to obtaining housing grants from the government. Many disabled women are unable to secure jobs in the formal sector. Most of them are also unable to save enough funds to build a home due to their conditions. They mainly engage in activities that only raise funds for domestic uses. The government is aware of the plight of these women. It has introduced a grant that is intended to give such women a chance of building new homes. They can also use the funds to renovate their homes if they are unwilling to relocate to new places.

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3. HUD Grants

These grants are given by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to women who meet the minimum requirements of eligibility. The grant is directly paid to the landlord of the applicant as rent. In many cases, the grant covers all the rent and the applicant lives free for the covered period. One is only eligible for this loan if she applies through the HUD of the home area. This means you cannot get this grant from a distant department. The grant is supposed to help the less fortunate in an area to comfortably live without the worry of rent. Therefore, to qualify for this grant, one must earn less than 50% of the average income of people in an area. The HUD is the only body that is mandated with determining whether one is qualified or not.

4. Foundation Center

This group is helpful to anyone who wants information about the various housing grants that are available for women.




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