Government Land Grant to Purchase Rural Land

By: Elizabeth L., Published: Mar 2, 2020 | Related: Rural Housing Repair Loans

You can get a grant to purchase rural land. There are several reasons a person may opt to get a grant for their land. They may opt to build a housing facility for their farmers. They may also get a grant to maintain or expand on their current land. Applicants have to meet certain criteria in order to get a rural grant. They also have to be able to match a percentage of the grant amount.

Farm Labor Grants and Loans

People who own a farm can get a grant from the Department of Agriculture. They can use this grant to give their workers housing. The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program allows farmers to construct and repair housing for their workers. This money can also be used to build facilities in the dining areas, day care centers and laundry mats.


Workers can live in the facility if they are a permanent resident of the United States or a citizen. They can also live in the facility if they get most of their income from forming. Grant recipients have to be able to match the amount by 10 percent or more.

Farmland Protection Program

The Department of Agriculture gives out funding to the Farmland Protection Program. People must use the funds for conservation purposes. This will protect the land from being used for non-agriculture purposes. If the land is erodible, then the conservation plan will be required. All tribal, state and local agencies that are in a farmland protection program are eligible. They will have to match the program by 25 percent or greater.

North Americans Wetland Conservation Program

This is sponsored by the Department of Interior. The North Americans Wetland Conservation Program provides grants to conserve wetlands in the United States. There are also grants available for people who live in Mexico and Canada. The grants can be used to manage, restore or enhance a wetland.

Public and private organizations who have joined an organization to save the wetlands will be able to apply for this program. Individuals who are a part of an organization to save the wetlands can also apply for a grant.


Grants From the Government

The government gives out billions of dollars per year in grants. These typically go to local and state governments. They may also give out money to charities and universities as well as farmers. You can easily find a grant by going to You can also find out about the eligibility criteria for getting the grant. There are grants that both businesses and individuals can get.

Grants From the State

States can give out grants to people who need it. You will need to visit the state's Department of Agriculture website. For example, the Kansas State Department of Agriculture gives out low-interest loans and grants to people. The Specialty Crop Block Grant and Organic Cost Share Program are example of some of the programs that can help you.

Private Foundation Grants

Private foundations give out billions of dollars in grants per year. Non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations make up the vast majority of recipients. However, small farmers can get a grant from a private foundation. You will need to go to the foundation directory in order to find out whether you are eligible.

A subscription is required to pay for the foundation directory. However, you will likely be able to find it at your public library for no cost. You can find information about the Blooming Prairie Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin, the Future Farmers of America in Indianapolis and the Monsato Fund in St. Louis.

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When you are looking for grants, you need to make sure that you look for ones that are specifically designed for your interests and situation. For example, if you are interested in getting solar energy for your farm, then you will need to type this into the search bar.

Additionally, you can get government funding to start a farm. If you already own land but you do not have the resources needed to turn it into a farm, then you can get a grant for that. The National Sustainable Agriculture Information gives out grants that you can use in order to turn your land into a farm that you will be able to sustain.




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