Biggest Couponing Myths: Things you need to know

By: Maria J., Published: Apr 27, 2020 | Related: Coupons

As lots of frugal shoppers out there know, using coupons can be a great way to save money, but some misinformation is still floating around. Below, you’ll find 11 myths being disproved.

Coupons aren’t allowed on BOGO transactions.

Although some stores have a policy against this, many of them allow you to use coupons on both the purchased product and the free one. If your total savings is higher than the cost, it will reduce the rest of your bill, and stores are still able to collect the full reimbursement for the item. Ask your store for their policy before you try it out.


Coupons don’t work on clearance items.

Stores get full reimbursement from the manufacturer no matter what amount the product is sold for.

Products bought with coupons can’t be resold.

On rare occasions, a coupon will have a policy written directly on it stating that the purchased item may not be resold. Apart from that, like any other item that belongs to you, you can resell it if you so choose.

Lawyers from the site Avvo answered this question concerning the sale of a cache of products bought with coupons. In their response, they explain that most items can be resold provided that you don’t violate the coupon terms and you claim your profit.

It’s not fraudulent to pay for coupon-clipping services.

Coupons have a non-transfer condition printed on them that makes them null and void if transferred to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing or receiving one for free from a friend. Read your next coupon carefully and see if you can spot it.

Besides the issue of legality, it’s kind of silly to pay for something you can get for free in a local paper. Coupon services generally claim that their charges are for the cost of clipping and handling, not for the coupons themselves. However, the coupons are still being transferred which makes them void.


Coupons aren’t allowed at a self-checkout.

Wrong. At lots of stores, you can scan your own coupons in a self-checkout, while at others the attendant will scan them for you. Since policies vary, just ask when you get in line.

I can print multiple copies of online coupons.

Just because you can download a coupon doesn’t mean you can print it more than once because that may be fraudulent. If you do print multiples, the bar code may prevent you from using them, so check for limits before you print.

Products aren’t free unless the coupon says so.

Even if your coupon doesn’t offer a free item, it may still end up being free depending on the actual cost. If it happens to be on sale, you may even make some money back. This is especially easy if you stack both manufacturer and store coupons.

Only extreme people can do couponing.

This just isn’t true. People of all kinds can do couponing. You may be extreme, you may be mild or you may fall somewhere in between.

It takes a long time to do couponing right.

It varies from person to person, and how long it takes will depend on an individual’s own time and desire. Any amount of couponing can save you lots of money whether it’s one hour per week or dozens.

Stores lose money when you use coupons.

When you use manufacturer’s coupons, stores get back the money you save from the manufacturer. How quickly they get reimbursed varies, but it happens.

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With store coupons, although money isn’t reimbursed, the stores take a minor loss as a way to encourage shoppers to come and spend money. It’s categorized with other paid advertising costs.

Anyone can be like those extreme couponers on the television show.

This just doesn’t happen in real life. That’s because the stores you see on television frequently offer double coupons while filming takes place. In addition, some of the contestants have been accused of using fake coupons. True or not, those extreme results don’t happen for normal people.




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