Big Chance to get Food from Sweepstakes and Contests

By: Susan A., Published: Jan 18, 2020 | Related: Food Stamp

What is better than free food? Honestly, many of us get incredibly excited when we are offered food that is free. Thus, it is nice to have the opportunity to win some free food via sweepstakes and contests that we can enter online for free. Today, we take a look at some of those contests to get people set up with the best chance to win some of that food.


Oprah's O Magazine

Oprah is the Queen of giveaways. She is famous for once having given everyone in her audience at a taping of her television show a free car. Now, she is giving away a prize of some of her favorite things (including her favorite foods) every day for twelve days. Those prizes are available by entering a sweepstakes contest via her magazine. You can enter once daily until the contest draws to a close. The cash value on these prizes are up to $19,000.

Matador Fall Giveaway

Enjoy the chance to win several different gift cards when you enter this drawing. You have the chance to win up to $650 worth of gift cards plus a couple of other cool prizes with this contest. Enter soon as the contest is nearly over. It is void if you are in Rhode Island, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Harry & David's Giveaway

The popular wine and cheese and fancy chocolate company Harry & David's is having a giveaway right now. They want to send you on a cruise as well if you win. You can win a $250 gift card to Harry & David's, but you can also enjoy being sent on a cruise from them that has a value of $2,500. This is the Princess Cruise voucher that is up for grabs in their giveaway as well. Not bad for a free contest!


Folger's Wakin' Up Club

You know that the best part of wakin' up is Folger's in your cup right? That is what their famous commercial jingle told us for many years. Well, if you join their "wakin' up" club, you can enter their sweepstakes for the top prize of a $5,000 check. Additionally, they are giving away 45 different grocery store gift cards valued at $100 a piece. That could get you some free food on the table!


The apple company has a sweepstakes in which they are prepared to hand out some cash, some Visa gift cards, and some of their delicious apples as well. If you are the winner, you could take home some of these prizes. Perhaps the best part will be when you bite into one of their juicy apples and taste it for the first time. You will never want to go back to regular apples ever again.

Wide Open Country

How about a trip for two to the Sugarlands distillery in the Great Smokey Mountains? That is what Wide Open Country is prepared to offer to the winner of their sweepstakes. It may not be free food or drink, but they are going to give their lucky winner the chance to check out a place where they make delicious beers.

New York Bagels

This list would not be complete if we did not mention that New York Bagels really wants the winner of their contest to enjoy some bagels. You can win a year's supply of bagels from them if you are the winner of their contest. Those unique bagels have a price value of $1,000 for a whole year's supply. That would be something to brag about!

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All of these contests have their own rules and restrictions that should be read carefully. Some areas are not allowed to participate in certain contests. They are also other stipulations in the fine print for many of them that anyone who enters should make sure to read.

That being said, these are incredibly fun contests to enter. You may not have a great chance of winning any particular one of them, but you can dream about winning that mountain of food that awaits for the winner. It is a fun way to give yourself something to think about during the day. Besides that, it is free to enter so there really is no harm.




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